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Tuff Cable

Tuff Cable is a very durable, 10 gauge coated copper cable that is chemical and gasoline resistant. This heating element is designed to be installed in concrete, asphalt, mortar bed, pavers or thin set. Applications for Tuff Cable include total space heating, floor warming, snow melting, and roof deicing

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Tuff Cable is perfect for snow and ice melting on ramps, stairs, walkways and driveways. For new concrete Tuff Cable is set 2" below the surface and spaced 4 - 6" apart. The heating element is attached to remesh (welded wire fabric) which acts as an anchor for the Tuff Cable

.Tuff Cable Snow Melting on Stairs

Tuff Cable can be retrofit into existing concrete or asphalt. Grooves are saw cut into the pavement 1/4" wide and 1" deep. Tuff Cable is installed in the grooves and filled with Backer Rod then sealed with a polyurethane sealant for concrete or a silicon sealant for asphalt. Saw cuts can also be covered with a slurry coat or another layer of asphalt..

The Tuff Cable heating system provides innovative methods for radiant heating. Utilizing state of the art components and low-voltage electricity, our systems are virtually maintenance free, and are safe and efficient in operation. Tuff Cable has a limited 25 year warranty and is engineered to provide simple and problem-free solutions. Our low-voltage products have been in use since 1978

Tuff Cable in a mortar bed under tile for Kitchen and Breakfast Nook